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Questions & Answers
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Q: What is The Luxe Association?

A: The Luxe Association is an industry wide advocate operating in the Private Household Service Industry built to leverage the total industry’s population in the pursuit of greater benefits for all of its members.

Q: Who are the future managers of The Luxe Association?

A: Smith Bucklin.

Q: Who are the members?

A: We represent employers, employees and luxe businesses. Luxe business includes industry support. Our common connection is working footsteps or support in private homes.

Q: Other associations have let me down. How is The Luxe Association any different?

A: All other associations in this industry have no Association Management Company or “AMC”. This raises the question, when problems arise, who do they report too? Associations fail when the proper “fail-safes” are not employed. The Luxe Association is working with an “AMC” called Smith Bucklin located in Chicago. Currently, they are only an adviser. When our membership reaches the needed population to employ an AMC, we will have the industry's best fail-safe in place to protect our members' investment which they entrusted in us.  

Q: Why the word Luxe?

A: The word "Luxe" is subjective. Luxury to one person is different to another. We represent all levels of luxury in private homes in connection to working footsteps. A staff of one, to many, is a luxury.

Q: What is the one thing all members have in common?

A: We all have working footsteps and support in or around private homes.

Q: What is the cost of membership?

A: Our target price is $159.00 per member. All members pay the same price once a year. The Luxe Association is in a soft launch. As we develop, it has been suggested we create levels of memberships. Higher levels would increase dues do to higher association expenses per membership type. Higher expenses included could be, background checks, resume and mediation support.

Q: Can a member pay monthly?

A: Yes

Q: Is The Luxe Association an association created to replace other associations?

A: No, we are not. The Luxe Association was built to help all associations in this industry, creating group marketing and other industry support products to help each other grow. We chose a flashy name to stand above the rest. This can be misleading, because we work behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. We did not want to be another industry acronym. Our name was designed to attract the whole industry.

Q: Is The Luxe Association a placement agency?

A: No, we are not. We will have a job board for employers and employees to connect. This is where our service ends. Placement agencies offer a higher level of support. We support placement agencies who operate with integrity. We do not want to exclude any agency of which the industry approves. We want to build up agencies who are meeting industry standards. Their relationship to this job board is in development.

Q: Is The Luxe Association a school?

A: No, we are not. Our training content is a discussion we want to have with the industry. We see how we can help the industry. As the association grows, programs will only be built with the support of schools and industry input.

Q: What benefits does the Luxe Association have today?

A: This depends on your membership type. Employee, Employer & Luxe Business.

Q: What are the top 3 benefits The Luxe Association provides for Household employees?

A: #1 Dedicated health insurance broker who provides legal health insurance options to a household employee that an employee can carry from job to job. #2 Private social platform for household employees offering camaraderie, forums, posting and groups. #3 An advocate, making changes in the industry.

Q: What are the top 3 benefits for household Employers?

A: #1 Employee support #2 Network with other employers #3 Legal industry employment options

Q: What are the top 3 benefits for a luxe business?

A: #1 Worldwide resource guide. #2 Social networking with other Luxe Business. #3 Small business HR and Health benefit support for self and employees.

Q: Is The Luxe Association a non-profit?

A: The short answer is no. Creating a non-profit takes time to prove intent. The long answer is yes. In time The Luxe Association will be a non-profit with all the control coming from a board of directors voted in by the industry.

Q: What is the top industry problem?

A: #1 Lack of self-government, which may be defined as; 1. Governed by itself or having self-government, as a state or community; independent. 2. Self-regulating; self-determining. 3. Exercising self-restraint or self-control.

Q: Are all the industry problems with employers?

A: No. This industry has great employers!

Q: Are all industry problems with employees?

A: No. This industry has great employees!

Q: Are all the problems with Luxe Business?

A: No. This industry has great Luxe Businesses!

Q: I am a Luxe Business, employee or an employer. How can I stand out?

A: The industry problems were built slowly over the last 20 years. Online connections to this industry caused anonymity and in general, a disconnect. The industry needs both inclusion and transparency.

Q: The industry needs confidentiality. How do we stand out and remain inclusive?

A: The industry needs a private platform. The Luxe Association created one. In conversations, we don’t use employers’ names. Employers use alias names. Industry topics can be discussed using conversation tactics that most of us are already used to.

Q: I am an employee. How can I find a job?

A: To start, brand yourself on social media accounts as a professional presenting one very clear message of high standards and ethics. When no one is looking, live up to these attributes. Network with like minded individuals. Understand, in this industry, jobs are usually found by luck. Build industry patience. Be willing to reinvent yourself through continued education. Use your new skills to find a new entry point. Create mutable entry points and your chances of finding a job will increase. If possible, do all this before you change jobs. Contact The Luxe Association for more information.

Q: I am an Employer. How can I create less employee turnover?

A: Treat household employees just like you would treat any corporate employees. All good HR practices and recommendations apply. To eliminate the stories we all tell ourselves, invest in one-on-one talking time. Make time for meetings. Talk through expectations with the understanding that this goes both ways. Build a relationship with boundaries. Think corporate. Words matter. Move from managing staff in a private home to a corporate environment with boundaries and rules that support your personal lifestyle and expectations. Seasons and life events change expectations. Communication is key.

Q: What is The Luxe Association, or can you tell me about The Luxe Association?

A: The Luxe Association is an association with its own social platform and association type benefits that support employees, employers and Luxe Business throughout the world, serving in the private household service industry. They are building on industry needs. Industry needs are found in all segments of the industry. The goal of the association is to support all segments who are working through our differences and self-interests, representing all sides in the search of protecting healthy community.

Q: Isn’t this industry called the Domestic or Hospitality Industry?

A: No. In the US, this industry is recognized as NAICS 814110, Private Household Industry. Other countries change the words from “household” to “service”. The Luxe Association is using both words, calling this industry The Private Household Service Industry. The description “Domestic Industry” is a marketing term that most people misuse. When the industry is defined by the NAICS, the Domestic Industry refers to the export of products leaving a country and the Hospitality Industry refers to the Hotel Industry. When connecting employees to the US Government through a w-2 or 1099, the correct definition of this industry is The Private Household Industry. When in other countries, the term changes to The Private Service Industry.

Q: Is The Luxe Association in support of other associations?

A: Yes. To further explain, all other associations in this industry are regional or national with some who have international connections. Based on their name and segment representation, they limit themselves from offering modern day benefits to a bigger picture, the Private Household Industry! Their growth is respected and so are the benefits they offer. The Luxe Association was built to connect all the segments of the industry for benefits, to benefit the entire industry beyond what any association can do on their own. The Luxe Association is in support of growing associations. We promote our members to other associations.

Q: With a job board, does The Luxe Association support placement agencies?

A: Yes. The Luxe Association knows that placement agencies are slowly creating a disconnect with both employees and employers. We want to help! Employers are searching outside the industry through family offices, non-industry specific platforms, and word of mouth. Employees are also looking outside the industry. The disconnect is what The Luxe Association wants to fix. We support placement agencies by placing a value on their expertise and market experience. We do not manage placements. The job board is the lowest level of service any industry can offer, most often built to connect an industry or to bring employers back to the industry. We support and direct all members to other members who provide higher levels of industry service. Relationships built through high membership standards and ethics serve and protect an industry working through a community of transparency. 

Q: Does The Luxe Association support schools?

A: Yes. The Luxe Association is in support of all industry education. The Luxe Association does not provide education to any of its members. Future programs, if any, would be a decision made by the board of directors. Board of directors represent segments of the industry. One segment is schools. The board would not vote education into our platform without a major support from industry schools.

Q: Who picks the board of directors?

A: The industry chooses the board of directors through a process called polling.

Q: Who is on The Luxe Association board of directors today?

A: The board needs three people to legally act as an LLC. The three people are William Kennicott, and two investors wish to remain anonymous. The goal is to build a NFP (non-for-profit). To build this, we need industry communication. The platform was built so all of us can communicate. We are actively populating the platform daily. Soon we will be able to poll the members and create a board of directors tasked with creating a NFP that will benefit an entire industry.

Q: Is The luxe Association like a union?

A:  No, A union is an organized group of workers who unite to make decisions about conditions affecting their work. In America, a bill called The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights has passed in 7 states. This is the industry fixing our working conditions. The Luxe Association is in support of this work! However, we also support employers. Our job as an association, who represent both sides, is to find a balance between the needs of an employee and the needs the employer.

Q: Does The Luxe Association have a political affiliation?

A: No, We are always interested in learning what would help bring confidence and comfort to working footsteps in and around private homes. Our hope is, this would be of interest to any and all political affiliations. With that said, we know political affiliation plays a part. Our stance is, we support balance.