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The Private Household Service Industry, like all industries consists of supply and demand. Employers are the demand of the Private Household Service Industry.  The growth of the demand is almost 16% a year. This growth primarily comes from new money. Employers, who are new to the demand of this industry, have never employed household staff and are looking for industry support and guidance.

The Luxe Association was built with new and seasoned employers in mind. We are building a platform where experienced employers can help employers who are new to employing people in and around their homes. Employers are joining The Luxe Association for industry support and guidance to other families.


There are several types of employees listed below. Employees represent the supply of the industry. They come from the hospitality, handyman and many other types of industries. Not all employees are W-2 employees. Employers like to first build a relationship on a temporary basis, until they build trust. 



The W-2 Employees are joining Luxe because they love this career. They are in a good employment situation and find that they have an interest in getting more involved. They have an interest in more education, They tend to become members of an association and understand that The Luxe Association is no threat, but a greatly needed industry support.  

  • U.S. census report 726,437

  • Jobs with benefits



The 1099 employee is joining The Luxe Association in the hopes of finding W-2 Employment. They are also looking for more training. They work hard but can be taken advantage of. They are self motivated and know how to schedule their work. Men commonly work around the outside of an estate as handymen and women inside as house keepers and health care support. 1099 employees are strong in culinary. Relationships might not last long. Few of them are members of associations. For employers to create longer lasting relationships, a switch from 1099 to W-2 is recommended.

  • Looking for guidence

  • Experienced tradesmen and woman

  • Solid employees who can be trusted



Cash is widely used as a temporary solution that sometimes goes too far. Employees are joining The Lux Association in hopes of moving from cash to a more respected position in this community. The Luxe Association's mission is not to stop the practice of cash paid employees. We will only advise, offering guidance to build a long term successful employment. Cash is a short term solution and should never be a long term solution for both the employer and employee. It places both at a risk.



The Luxe Association also supports the employees of service providers. We believe this is where newer 1099 and W-2 employees enter into the industry. We want to support and guide future employees into and through this industry with out delays and extra unnecessary expenses. The Luxe Association is your access to this industry. Come in and look around!



The Family office falls under a sub category of the demand. The reason, they manage the families wealth. Part of that wealth is tied up in real estate. Some family offices are managing the employees. The Luxe Association respects this relationship and maintains this boundary, by keeping them classified as the demand of the industry, and not the supply. However a family office employee could be classified as the supply if a connection to that information and training is requested. Employees who work for family offices are joining the Luxe Association to stay connected to the industry. 


People with all backgrounds ask the question, “how does one become an household employee?” The answers are not that simple. If it was, everyone would be working in this career. The pay, flexibility, and job satisfaction are all reasons why people work for private households. The problem is, what door way do you walk through to get in? There are several door ways into this career. For every back ground there is a different door way. This might sound more complicated, its not! You only need to find advise from people who have already done what you want to do. The best way to connect with people is through an association. We can suggest many associations that have segmented support meaning, a Personal Assistant Association or a Butler or Chef Association. The concept of The Luxe Association is creating that ONE DOORWAY in! Finding the people and support you need to do it right the first time. When you do not, it costs you more money and time finding YOUR way in. Not any different that becoming a doctor or lawyer! Let us help you. Please join The Luxe Association today! The doorway into The Private Household Service Industry.



Association are joining The Luxe Association to be a part of future marketing efforts to promote growth of associations. They all will gain in...

  • Regional Marketing

  • National Marketing

  • World Marketing

The future of The Luxe Association is up to you! We have build this concept keeping your interests in mind. Conventions are in the plans to bring all the associations together and under one roof. Our industry is filled with Employers who will be there. Our industry is also filled with employees who cross train. A driver wants to learn more about gardening. A nanny wants to learn more about cooking. A House Manager wants to learn more about PA work. Through The Luxe Association, we help associations grow by connecting people from our association to your association!  Discounts will be our incentive to do so!


Culinary Schools – In the world of Culinary, chefs have associations who provide guidance in the business of cooking. Chefs are joining The Luxe Association for added support to work in private homes. The support they need is not in terms of size of house and meals, but how to find and keep employment in this industry. Culinary associations support our mission.

Housekeeping Schools – Housekeeping schools support our mission and would like our help to grow their associations. Chemicals are dangerous and some are better not used. Most housekeepers fall for product advertisement when the real answer is, less is more. Schools know this to be true! This future training will help with placements in the near future.  

Driving Schools – Driving schools train drivers to become chauffeurs. Chauffers, simular to chefs have no real connection to this industry. The Luxe Association supports the marketing of all associations who provide skilled trainging into the industry.

Gardening schools – The world of gardening is a vast population of people who do not know how to gain access to this industry. The Lux Association wants to help!

Placement Agencies – The world of education belongs in the hands of the educators. We support placement agencies who provide education to the supply and or demand of this industry. However we ask that the course first be industry approved. 

Butler Schools – A butler school would support our cause when enrollment is down. Currently enrollment is down. In addition over the years, the length of semester has decreased. This is producing a butler with less butler skills. All schools, Butler schools in particular need industry marketing. The Luxe Association hopes to help the higher education in this industry succeed. 

House Manager Schools – In America a butler school is called a House Management School. One school, in particular who was well connected to an association tried to open recently. They never peaked and later closed. A few other school's future is up for discussion. An industry wide association and group marketing aimed at the general public would help. The answer to future successful marketing strategies, in an industry where most people in the world have no awareness, is group marketing. The Luxe Association can help. 

Continued Education – Continued Education is all over the world. In Chicago The Luxe Association created an "introduction to the industry"  class, teaching the foundations of the industry. The class was attended by students who were interested in this career. The Luxe Association plans on building awareness of the industry through more foundation type classes, online or held in junior colleges. In addition, the support of teaching these foundations is an effort to help industry segments teach a higher level of education, in the short amount of time they have to teach each group of students. 


Regional Agencies – Agencies are joining The Luxe Association to support a self governed industry. Agencies have a direct connection to the demand of our industry, and we respect this. Competition is healthy. Respect and healthy competition is found through self governed industries.

National Agencies – National agencies have less of a direct connection with the Demand of the industry, but a connection still. They are Joining The Luxe Association to increase their connection through future industry conventions.

International Agencies– The Luxe Association is a major player in the world of Luxe. International placement agencies are joining The Luxe Associations momentum, helping to build their international services world wide. 

Websites – Placement agencies grouping together on websites are also excited. The Luxe Association invites companies as partners, helping to build large conventions. Though "Brand Placement"corporate sponsorship will  help bring more clients through the group websites to you.

Schools– The Luxe Association finds it hard to support placements coming out of schools. It seems to us they are cutting off the hand that feeds. Its not the responsibility of The Luxe Association to change this, however as an industry we recommend industry conversations in search of what the better industry practices should be. 

Associations– The Luxe Association will never compete. This includes placements. The Luxe Association finds it hard to support placements coming out of any association, when placement agencies are in the mix. It seems to us they are also cutting off the hand that feeds. It's not the responsibility of The Luxe Association to change this, however as an industry we recommend industry conversations in search of what the better industry practices should be.



One Family– Family offices provide industry support directly to wealthy families who require professional money management. Its in the best interest of The Luxe Association not to cross over this set boundary.  The crossover into the Private Household Service Industry is when family offices manage real estate and employees. Family offices are joining The Luxe Association for industry guidance and support in areas of HR and resources. 

Mutable Families – Often family offices are managed  with mutable families as clients. Time is a variable, where priorities are written. Family offices are joining The Lux Association to help with secondary priorities in the areas of HR and resources to help them better serve their clients. 

Financial planners – Several companies offer financial services and advise, that lead into other services found in this industry. This is a very competitive industry and today, a company needs to offer more than their core or expertise into areas sometimes less knowledgeable.  People connect with The Luxe Association to stay in connection with industry trends, guiding them in areas less familiar. 


Other Services – The world of Luxe is a world wide adventure that few people understand. Family offices have a better understanding that most. The family office is a wonderful connection to this industry. Often new services come out of Family offices. In this industry paths will only cross at conventions and other regional sessions. People who offer service in this industry use The Luxe Association to network with other like services. The Luxe Association is here to facilitate networking where we can!



Service providers

Service providers provide service and products (called "the economy") to households who have indoor and outdoor employees. A large part of this economy transaction is handled through the employees and not the owners. This creates a unique situation for service providers around the world. The employees become their customers. Not necessarily the home owners.

The Luxe Association is creating a program, further explained on this website under "Projects". The program is the creation of an industry wide resource guide for the employees and employers of large homes. Most programs like this for the service provider are costly and become a form of advertising. This guide is different!

When finding quality products and service on the internet, the internet traffic can be very busy and undependable. Any business can become a self proclaimed professional. A service provider can not buy their way into this program. The only way into this reference guide is by becoming vetted by a past customer who is also member of the Luxe Association. Vetting comes from three reference letters. For more information, First become a members of The Luxe Association, request information on LuxeResources.Com and more information will be emailed.  

Thank you!